With over 140,000 vessels reaching Singapore every year, Singapore is the ideal hub for marine consulting, service and introduction of innovations to the marine and offshore industry.

Sound Steel Pte Ltd was founded in April 2004 in Singapore. Their partner company Surface Preparation Technologies started in 2007 in Malaysia.

Directors managed corrosion repair projects for decades.

Having seen countless projects failing due to low quality of hydrojet and powertool repairs, the Aquajet blaster was developed based on the inventor’s previous experience in the Singapore army, US army explosive training in Houston, blast/repair project management in Jurong shipyard, SHELL’s Pulau Bukom refinery and countless riding crew projects.

Owners supply Swiss made high-end polyurethene and polyurea coating to Chevron’s San Remo fleet, Exxon-Mobile/IMC fleet London, Shell, Oiltanking, Tanker Pacific, Anglo-Eastern, BSM (Bernhard Schulte), Petredec, Singapore Government, PSA, MPA, refineries and power stations in SEA and the Middle East since 1999.